May 2

Beach Body


The radio speaks to me telling

Telling me to get my body beach ready

Ready for surf and sand and bikinis I suppose

Suppose I am insufficient already


But on my commute I begin to ponder

Ponder the needs of going to the shore

Shore ready body doesn’t make the list

List includes towel, sunscreen, money for the store


I complete my internal inventory

Inventory needs for a beach ready bod

Bod healthy and happy who can move through water and sand

Beach ready body is about mechanics not facade.


(A Loop Poem)

April 17



Yoga is so gentle


The body, challenging the mind

Much of it is mental


In the strength and calm to find


Holding poses for days


Shoulders with hips, brain with the heart

Gently resisting sways


A place where fitness melds with art


Muscles, mind, and spirit


Quiet peace overtakes unrest

Learning not to fear it


Spine, being kind, opening chest.


(A Tri-Fall Poem)

March 19



Well, I am a woman and I have two breasts

Which at my age require regular tests.

To the office for an examination

It’s the first time and a whole new sensation

Lifting, placing, pressing, squashing but no pain

What to expect next nurse kindly explained

I don’t know what all the hubbub is about

It’s surely better than the alternate route.


(A Tuscano Strambotto Poem)