January 21, 2019

I Am Calmer Than You


I am immersed in panic buzzing

Am overwhelmed by to-dos not done

Calmer days ahead they assure me

Than(ks) but I’m making calm today’s goal

You remain waiting for peace to come.


A Bumper Sticker Poem

Bumper Sticker Poems – a form I created, inspired by cento and golden shovel poetry, with the following guidelines:

  • Using a bumper sticker as inspiration use the words in the bumper sticker as the first word in each line of the poem
  • The theme of the poem may or may not have anything to do with the message of the sticker
  • Title should be the words of the bumper sticker
  • May or may not be rhymed
  • 9 syllable lines
  • Number of lines depends on number of words on the bumper sticker

April 3


Naps for

me before

meeting my dear

I believed them a bore

now it has been made crystal clear

 in day-sleeping there is nothing to fear

it’s good to pull up the blankets, fluff the pillow

quiet the room so there’s nothing to hear

if you are lucky dreams appear

now I find I want more

time to nap here

time to snore




(A Diatelle Poem)