October 3

The Pokeweed


Birds denude

Dark purple fruit for food

Around here they call it inkberry


Derided by many as unnecessary

Removal from the landscape is customary

Diligent birds replant it by seed


Can be messy indeed

The Pokeweed


(A Trois-par-Huit Poem)

July 30

Daucus carota


What is the spot in the middle

Of the delicate Queen Anne’s Lace?

Surrounded by snowy white blooms

It certainly seems out of place.


They say Queen Anne was making lace

And tatting the designs by hand

When the needle caught her finger

A stain on the lace did expand


Now the flowers cover the land

Thriving in forgotten places

Far from what people call nature

Despite the life in these spaces


From afar all you see is white

Flowers waving across the field

It’s not until you get up close

That the colorful is revealed


(A Redondilla Poem)

(A Serventesio Poem)

July 14

Dipsacus fullonum


With a purple tutu

Covering those sharp spines


Attracting, repelling

Roadside weed, food for bees


Glistens with summer dew

Used to comb wool so fine

Grows spontaneously

Endlessly compelling

Now here from overseas


Armored dangerously

Growing and excelling


(A Rimas Dissolutas Poem)

June 21

First Day of Summer


Under an umbrella of sunshine, white clover flowers rise above their own heart-shaped foliage amidst a green mat of linear leaves. They shudder in the warm gentle breeze, stopping only momentarily before vibrating again.

Bees visit flowers

Buzzing to bring life before

Mower buzzes through


(A Haibun Poem)

April 28

Don’t Judge


Is that purple violet a weed?

No, Indeed!


Is the dandelion a pest?

Surely you jest!


What do I see in these beauties?

Precious cuties!


Let’s stop being so plant snooty

Stop judging every small flower

Without knowing its great power

No indeed, surely you jest! Precious cuties!


(An Ovillejo Poem)