May 29

Home Sweet Home


Carolina wrens made a nest

Decided a tin can is best

To raise their brood

Now a bird house, not a tool shed

A place for songbirds to rest their heads

I provide food


Nest made of needles, leaves and moss

Tucked in next to the semi-gloss

Speckled eggs rest

Building’s been there less than a year

And these birds made it very clear

This shed is best.


(A Rime Couee Poem)

April 14

Abandoned Infrastructure


Old infrastructure crumbles

Bold paint adorns gray walls

Cold air moves as voices rumble

Untold artists, after dark, leave scrawls.


Adaptive reuse provides fun

Active legs will be aching next day

Live in the moment before there are none

Forgive freely and make time to play.


(A Lento Poem)