December 29, 2022

And I Die…Don’t Cry

If by a bear I’m attacked

On a gorgeous out and back

And I die…Don’t cry

If on the open road practicing skills

On my motorcycle for ultimate thrills

And I die…Don’t cry

If walking on a path through the woods

And an old tree and a breeze do me in good

And I die…Don’t cry

If playing around in a river’s water white

Filled with adrenaline and delight

I die… Don’t cry

If on my snowboard I hit the wrong edge

And careen off a steep ledge

And I die…Don’t cry

If bike, boat, boots or board was a part

of the stopping of my heart

When I Die… Don’t Cry

Take comfort that I was in my happy place

and would’ve chosen no other time and space

So I died? Don’t Cry!

But if while sitting in an office chair

In the foul blue glow of computer glare

I die…then, then you may cry.

November 1

Heart and Sole


The places where our feet go together

Are always the best places to be

Regardless of location or weather

As long as we are there as a we

Looking down to see our soles and leather

Brings smile to face and soul with guarantee

Things will be great where our feet are together.


(A Sicilian Septet)

August 16

Impatiens glandulifera


Tall plants with pink bloom sway in traffic breeze

As they colonize wet roadside ditches

Seem to fill ecological niches

A couple months before nature’s deep freeze.

After a quick u-turn to stop the car

To get a closer look at petal count and amount

I remain clueless as to what they are.

With digital pics we’re back on our way

He drives I dive in to field guide and keys

Eager to know this late summer display.

I expected to find the name with ease

But my assumptions led me stray

Fooled by sheer numbers and presence of bees.


(A Byron’s Sonnet)

April 14

Abandoned Infrastructure


Old infrastructure crumbles

Bold paint adorns gray walls

Cold air moves as voices rumble

Untold artists, after dark, leave scrawls.


Adaptive reuse provides fun

Active legs will be aching next day

Live in the moment before there are none

Forgive freely and make time to play.


(A Lento Poem)