October 29



Often blamed for causing sneezes

By hurling pollen on the breezes

Bees treasure these late fall flowers

Drink its tea for its healing powers

Considered a weed by so many

This humble plant’s benefits are plenty


(A Sestet Couplet Poem)

June 10

New Find


She scours the forest for hours looking for flowers

Rains showers won’t dissuade this escapade

In verdant glade she knows something grows

Here she tiptoes carefully between shades of green


Looking for something bright in the light that might

Delight, whites abound purples astound

No one’s around to reveal her zeal

She’ll keep seeking, fascination piquing.


Field guide in hand, walking the land to understand

Firsthand, to embrace her place

In this space. From ants to plants

It all enchants, but her reflection is on connection


Finally she spots unfamiliar flowers that dot woodlot

But cannot put name to same

Without shame she opens the guide, stooping beside

New flower trailside, knowledge expanding with understanding.


(A Vers Beaucoup Poem)

June 9

Positivity is the buzz word


The mosquito is annoying

And there is no doubt about it

Perhaps we can live without it

With my patience they are toying


Masters of camping destruction

The mosquito is annoying

Being out I’m not enjoying

To avoid I need instruction


Surprisingly they do some good

Repellent I am deploying

The mosquito is annoying

Helping frogs into adulthood


I’ll think twice before destroying

Assisting with pollination

Now I say with hesitation

The mosquito is annoying


(A Viator Poem)

April 7

Julie’s Hands


Staring at dots some call age spots thinking a lot of passing time.

These I did heed, watching her read, thinking that she’d had hands sublime.

Showing wisdom that overcomes trials becomes a long lifetime.

Today I see hands before me and note with glee these spots of mine.


(A Rhupunt Poem)