October 25

Happiness Is


Happiness is a sunny beach

Far from the summer’s white hot reach

Happiness is a muddy trail

With only boulders for guardrail

Tell me what’s wrong with gray skies

Nature’s all lovely in my eyes


Happiness is a rainy day

Liquid music tapping away

Happiness is the thundersnow

Ominous green skies all aglow

What’s wrong with an obscured sunrise

Nature’s all lovely in my eyes


Happiness is limbs dark and stark

Admiring the subtle bark

Happy is getting to explore

With the loving man I adore

Luckily I’ve come to realize

Nature’s all lovely in our eyes.


(A Stave Stanza Poem)

September 1

Correct by Chance


Severe weather events

Flooding, blizzards, coating ice

Hurricanes, drought, pelting hail


Welcome weather events

Heatwave break, thundersnow, gentle soaking rains

Thunderstorms, inches of powder, clear starry skies


All of this happened … but not as you predicted


(A Sevenling Poem)