November 24

Practice Makes Permanent


Visualize letting go

Egolessness is there

Sending, taking daily

Samsara evasion

Everything’s workable

Loving kindness to all


Om – open mind relax

Future is the presence

Yielding to compassion

Om – relinquish control

Understand discomfort

Reflection is the way


Meditation practice

Ahimsa is the goal

Invite self-awareness

Testing, acting, healing

Resisting judgement

It is always practice


(A Spirit’s Vessel Poem)

April 29



On our recent adventure we took pictures of each other.

Home, we shared them telling what we love about one another.

Each of us focused on our features we liked least during the view

The things we can mention we love about ourselves are few

The quirky details we love about the other are untold,

We believe the other an amazing site to behold.

But looking in the mirror we see a face wrinkled and old

If only we could look through the loving eyes of the other

And see what the other can see with kindness and love anew.

When we love ourselves as we love the other, love becomes bold.


(A CinqTroisDecaLa Poem)