August 16

Impatiens glandulifera


Tall plants with pink bloom sway in traffic breeze

As they colonize wet roadside ditches

Seem to fill ecological niches

A couple months before nature’s deep freeze.

After a quick u-turn to stop the car

To get a closer look at petal count and amount

I remain clueless as to what they are.

With digital pics we’re back on our way

He drives I dive in to field guide and keys

Eager to know this late summer display.

I expected to find the name with ease

But my assumptions led me stray

Fooled by sheer numbers and presence of bees.


(A Byron’s Sonnet)

August 5

Fuzzy Planning


Road trip dreams post work-day reality

Planning the vacation but not too much

Where might we bike hike kayak camp and such

So grateful for our commonality.

Work week starts and vacation brain sets in

With each passing day focus is lacking

Mind wanders to long days of backpacking

We can’t wait until the journey begins.

The week will go by too fast we are sure

Dreaming and planning extend our short break

Thinking of it each moment we’re awake

Oh, how many more workdays to endure?

We have maps and guides but won’t let them reign

There’s just one plan: to avoid the mundane.


(An Australian Sonnet)

February 26

6 Pack


Opted to take home a six pack

My will power shut down

When I spied them

Then I tried them

For these they are renown


Better than any from my town

Lovingly deep-fried them

Each made from scratch

Batch after batch

Some with fruit inside them.


The icing identified them

I know there’s no match

Cooling on a rack

Worth a greenback

I’ll put them down the hatch.


My buckle I’ll have to detach

Oh please cut me some slack

Not a let down

I smile don’t frown

and know I will be back.


(A Roundabout Poem)