November 1

Heart and Sole


The places where our feet go together

Are always the best places to be

Regardless of location or weather

As long as we are there as a we

Looking down to see our soles and leather

Brings smile to face and soul with guarantee

Things will be great where our feet are together.


(A Sicilian Septet)

February 23

No worries, I Have Big Shoes


Why would someone use that old phrase

about having big shoes to fill?

Just boggles the mind even still.

Who uses that statement these days?


I’ll set you straight with no delays,

see these size 12s are filled with skill.

Why would someone use that old phrase

About having big shoes to fill?


So how about sharing praise,

don’t talk of people’s shoes to fill,

and explain to me, if you will,

why someone would use that old phrase.


(A Rondel Poem)

February 13



Perhaps because I could never

find shoes I liked that would fit me

size 12 and cute, I mean never,


out of frustration it hit me;

if I want colorful footwear

departing the mall is the key.


To procure some footwear with flair

I need to get to the greenhouse.

I find all the shoes I want there.


Don’t have to match these shoes to blouse,

slipper orchids are quite divine

just need these shoes from the hothouse.


To them I make a quick beeline,

They are sure to fit every time.


(A Terza Rima poem)